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Exhibition at Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck

A knight has to be strong, bold and noble. Jörg Hilbert found that too much of a stereotype and invented Rusty Knight instead – weak, timid and rusty. In the exhibition, the clumsy knight, whose adventures can now be followed in more than 30 children’s books, radio plays and films, stumbles through the Museum im Zeughaus. Castle Maiden Bo, King Leadfoot, Pretentious Prince, Wicked Witch and many other characters are accompanying their friend or rival.

The little dinosaur from Hilbert’s first, but unpublished children’s book, will also be making a first appearance. The dinosaur has close ties with Innsbruck, as the originals were kept for decades by Hilbert’s great role model and patron, the late Paul Flora, be-fore being made available for the exhibition by his family. Later the little dinosaur developed into Fire Dragon Koke, who is now getting into mischief with Rusty Knight.

Adults and children aged four and above are invited to the mu-seum for the exhibition. It remains to be seen who will enjoy the exhibits more.

„Altes Zeughaus“, Innsbruck, 27.11.20 – 07.03.21

More (German)


Knight Rusty and the Magical Book (Volume 19)

A novel magical adventure on the trail of Goethe’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Knight Rusty, the castle maiden Bo and the fire dragon Koke for children from the age of 4! Including many new songs to sing along, reenact and enjoy. It’s no use moaning – today, Knight Rusty has to go dancing with castle maiden Bo. At least, that’s what the voucher he once gifted her says. And Koke? He is supposed to stay in the castle and go to bed early. “There’s no way”, the little dragon thinks. Earlier, he discovered the Secret Book of Magical Moments in the library. Nothing but secret spells are written in there. Of course, Koke can’t resist… and so the magic takes its course.
Imagination, humor and a lot of music are the secret recipe for the Knight Rusty musicals. On the CD which is included in the book you can find many songs to sing along, reenact or simply listen to.


The Tree so High

Sir Squirrel has so many neighbors: Mr. Knockstick, Aunt Turtledove, the Peep family, Grandma Snailhat, Master Mole and of course the friendly owl Kathy. Together they search for Sir Squirrel’s lost hazelnuts. Meanwhile, they explore nature: they visit forest, pond and field – even the underworld. There’s so much to see. But can they find Sir Squirrel’s hazelnuts? You better go and check again! A poetic animal parable for children about the various animals living together in a tree.



Knight Rusty and the Unicorn (Volume 18)

Well, well: a unicorn suddenly appears at the Iron Castle! And it doesn’t seem to be the only unexpected guest: animals come running in flocks and make for a whole bunch of chaos (and filth). Knight Rusty has no other choice than saddling up on the unicorn and check, what drove all the animals to the Iron Castle. Time for another adventure! With new hits such as “This Is Not a Zoo”, “Any Child Can Do That” and many more…

Imagination, humor and a lot of music are the secret recipe for the Knight Rusty musicals. On the CD which is included in the book you can find many songs to sing along, reenact or simply listen to.